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What is Fiverr? 
Fiverr is the world's largest marketplace for digital services. Fiverr enables you to browse the selection of freelancers offering services, and to place orders in just one click. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig.
What are the different levels in Fiverr?
There are four Seller Levels in the Fiverr system. Level 0 – AKA Member (cow symbol) – You do not have a level when you first sign up, or are a level 0 (zero). Level 1 – You must be a member for 30 days, and have 10 sales with positive ratings. Level 3 – AKA Top Rated – Must be hand selected from the staff.

There are four Seller Levels in the Fiverr system. ... Level 1 – You must be a member for 30 days, and have 10 sales with positive ratings. Level 2 – 50 orders in 2 months. Level 3 – AKA Top Rated – Must be hand selected from the staff.
What is the minimum amount to withdraw from Fiverr?
There is a $1 charge per withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. You cannot have the Fiverr Revenue Card and Direct Deposit simultaneously.
Fiverr's 20% commission applies to all tips. This fee is applied to prevent abuse or fraud on the platform. The same fee applies to the “Tip Gig” many sellers create, so the fees aren't extra, they're now a part of the total order."

What is the best way to withdraw money from Fiverr?
When you have a balance in your seller account, you can withdraw your funds to either your PayPal account, credit your Fiverr Revenue Card, or transfer money to your bank account (“Direct Deposit” in the U.S.). Notes: You can withdraw money 14 days after the order is marked as completed.

How u can widrow?
PayPal: You can pay with PayPal. You also have the option to connect your PayPal account with your Fiverr account for a faster check out.

What percentage does fiverr take?
When your gig sells, Fiverr takes $1 for every $5 you make, or 20%. This means that as soon as a sale comes through, you have made $4. If someone buys a gig extra for $5, you make $8, and so on

How many Fiverr gigs can you do?
7 gigs
It's a very interesting question, but it depends on the level you have. As a Fiverr seller, you will earn badges as you complete orders. Therefore, as a basic seller you will only have a chance to create 7 gigs. But when you complete 10 orders and earn level 1 badge then you will be allowed to create more gigs.

Below are some tips that you can prioritize as you begin to build your presence on Fiverr.
Get Down To Basics. ...
Add A Gig Video. ...
Make Sure Your Gig Delivery Time Makes Sense. ...
Use SEO To Help Your Gig Get Found. ...
Make Your Profile Stand Out. ...
Get The App. ...
Review The Best Practices. ...
Learn How To Go Beyond $5.

Can I use 2 fiverr accounts?
Fiverr only allows one account per person. If they find that you have two or more accounts they will take both accounts down.

How it works
Create a Gig. Sign up for free, set up your Gig, and offer your work to our global audience.
Deliver great work. Get notified when you get an order and use our system to discuss details with customers.
Get paid. Get paid on time, every time. Payment is transferred to you upon order completion. Become a seller.

Today i'm gonna tell you about Fiverr account.
Fiverr Profile(As a beginner)

 Tip 1:
Use Your Real Photo on Your Profile
People are afraid to expose who they are. We’re careful about who we share this information about. When you’re selling online, especially on a global marketplace, exposing who you are is a necessity to land sales with good great clients.
Business owners come to Fiverr to seek professional services. If your profile isn’t professional in nature, you can expect to be passed by. It is critical that your profile showcases who you are. People want to connect with people, not a mysterious Internet entity.
If you have a professional headshot, include it here. If you do not have a professional headshot, that’s not a problem!
You can get by with a smartphone picture, as long as you take a few things into consideration.
All you need is your smartphone, a non-distracting, neutral toned background, good lighting (natural lighting can do wonders), and a friend. No self-sticks please! This should take you about 5 minutes total. We saw a huge increase in gig inquiries and requests when we went from showing a logo to a headshot.
Takeaway: Get over yourself and get yourself out there.

Tip 2:
 Write a Well Thought-out Profile Description
Your Fiverr profile description is very important!
New sellers on Fiverr approach us often, asking if we have any extra work to send to them (Extra Tip: do NOT do this. This is how you get suspended, or banned from Fiverr)
One thing is common among most new sellers, their profile doesn’t provide value to an on-loo so just touch upon the essentials. Some would call this the “10000 foot view.”
Introduce who you are, what your profession is, what your experience is (working in your profession), and why you’re an ideal candidate for the job.
Fiverr Profile Description - Boomland Jenkins

Fiverr Profile Tip #3: Your Fiverr Gig Description Should Show Immediate Value to the Viewer
Your Gig’s description should function similar to any other sales page. You’re pitching a service and you only have a short window of time, and a limited number of characters to do it in. Below are content items to include in your Gig’s descriptions.
  • Define the Problem. What solution does your service offer the customer?
  • Answer Questions, Before They Ask! Provide details on exactly what IS included in your pricing.
  • Build Credibility. Explain what makes you qualified, or the best person to complete the job.
  • Action! Encourage them to contact you with any questions.
Format the page nicely. Use the formatted list, bold, and highlight features to emphasis important content from the Fiverr Gig description.
Add several Q&As to the FAQ section of your Fiverr Gig page.
The less questions a person has, the more likely they will order your Fiverr Gig on the spot. Don’t leave them wondering.

Fiverr Profile Tip #4: Optimize Your Fiverr Gig Description to Match Suggested Searches
It’s pretty simple, Fiverr’s search engine at a core is no different than other search tools. Every listing has words. Fiverr tries to pair a user’s search with Gigs that best match the words. There are ranking factors you cannot control, but the words on your Gig pages are one of the factors you can control.
When you’re writing your Gig descriptions, repeat (without spamming) phrases that are related to your Gig’s service.
“WordPress website” shows up frequently in our Fiverr Gigs because that’s our primary niche on the Fiverr marketplace.

Fiverr Search Example

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